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With our cost-effective solutions, you can help more patients with fewer resources

Because your private practice lacks the vast resources of a hospital, increased efficiency, accuracy, and cost controls are much more critical to your success. PETTIGREW’s complete suite of medical coding and billing services and solutions will help you achieve these goals quickly and affordably. We’ll streamline your billing processes and interactions with insurance providers, reduce errors, and more to give your staff more time to help more people.

PETTIGREW can also assist your practice with audits, clinical documentation improvement, and compliance services to keep your risks low, ideal for practices without the resources to perform these tasks in-house. Our veteran auditors will uncover any potential compliance issues, coding inefficiencies, potential fraud and abuse, and much more. With our detailed reports, superior EHR, and financial impact analysis in hand, you’ll be fully equipped to start improving your practice right away.


Your Private Practice Will Benefit from PETTIGREW’s Full Suite of Solutions and Services, Including:

    • Full Service RCM: to manage your entire revenue cycle by seamlessly integrating with PETTIGREW’s suite of solutions, ensuring timely collections and 95%+ accuracy levels
    • Medical Coding Services: to ensure administrative responsiveness and accountability of important patient medical records
      • Hospital Inpatient/Outpatient ED/IR
      • Remote Coding Services
      • Auditing and Compliance Services
      • Interim Management Services
      • RCM for COVID-19
    • GOCODE: to automatically alert you to potential chart flow and coding issues, by interacting with your EMR


    • Payer Connect: to simplify the enrollment of providers with payers, credentialing of providers with facilities, contract negotiation with payers, and contract management


    • accelARate: to bring focus and accountability to your AR department by directing attention to high-priority open claims and managing claims across multiple clients and systems