Billing Companies

Keep your reputation strong and your customers satisfied with our cutting-edge billing solutions

Like all medical billing companies, your reputation for efficiency and accuracy is a large driver of success. Processing claims faster and with fewer errors can be achieved by hiring more full-time staff, but there is a more cost-effective way. PETTIGREW’s billing solutions will streamline your processes and claim management so your staff has more time and makes fewer mistakes.

Besides optimizing your day-to-day operations, PETTIGREW can also assist with improving your company’s overall strategy. Our compliance and consulting services will perform audits and provide detailed reporting to give you better insight into your risks. Our staff leasing services can help you with development projects by providing highly competent on- or offshore labor empowered with industry-leading processes and customized technology solutions.


Your Clients Will Benefit from PETTIGREW’s Full Suite of Solutions and Services, Including:

  • Medical Coding Services: to ensure administrative responsiveness and accountability of important patient medical records
    • Hospital Inpatient/Outpatient ED/IR
    • Remote Coding Services
    • Auditing and Compliance Services
    • Interim Management Services
  • gocode-solutions
    : to automatically alert you to potential chart flow and coding issues, by interacting with your EMR

  • payerconnect-solutions
    : to simplify the enrollment of providers with payers, credentialing of providers with facilities, contract negotiation with payers, and contract management

  • Staffing Solutions: to provide specialized labor on demand from employees well versed in industry leading technology solutions

As a global company, PETTIGREW is uniquely positioned to offer skilled workers in the US, Philippines, India, UK, Saudia Arabia, UAE and Australia to augment your workforce. We are able to provide you with a low cost, high quality solution in many different job positions. Our workers join your team remotely. The following list is just a sample of what we are able to provide. Contact us to discuss your unique needs and how we can remove from you the burden of having employees.

  • Medical Business Office
    • Medical coder
    • Medical billing specialist
  • Information Technology
    • IT Network manager
    • Software developer
  • Contact Center
    • Inbound calls to answer patient's billing inquiries, process payments and obtain insurance information
    • Outbound calls to handle specific client needs
    • Bilingual/English speaking agents
    • Diversified to assist a wide variety of companies
  • Health care professional
    • Virtual scribe

Contact us to discuss your unique needs


Compliance Solution


Programs Include:

  • Assigned HCP Compliance Team
  • There to help you create and manage your program, someone is always available for support

  • Customize policies & Procedures
  • Customize Online Training
  • Employees will be trained on your unique policies & procedures

  • Searchable Online Reference Guides
  • Online Compliance Forms
  • Hundreds of update compliance forms including storage to upload your own documents.

  • Timely regulatory update
  • Automatic reminders
  • Training Reports
  • Compliance Insider Newsletter
  • Unlimited Technical Support