Ensure Your Patients Receive the Highest Level of Care

Medical credentialing solutions that ensure your patients are given the correct medications
and procedures at all times

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Elevate the Way You Deliver Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, providers need to be putting out their best effort on a daily basis. There’s no tolerance for mistakes here, especially with regard to delivering the correct medications and procedures to patients. This is why it pays to configure your IT system to properly update and manage patient information. The correct IT tools and configurations will ensure that the correct medications and care will be delivered correctly to the patients who need them, therefore minimizing the liability risk exposure of your healthcare facility.

Enjoy this elevated care delivery system with PETTIGREW Healthcare Profitability Solutions’s medical credentialing solutions. We’ll analyze your information system and generate recommendations to make your care delivery platform more efficient and less prone to errors. Your patients will always be assured that they will receive the highest level of care from healthcare professionals that have undergone the most stringent scrutiny regarding their ability to to practice medicine.

With PETTIGREW’s Medical Credentialing solutions:
  • Your patients will receive the highest levels of care available
  • You will be able to vet your medical professionals’ certifications and knowledge
  • Your organization will be able to strengthen its reputation as a top-tier healthcare facility
  • You’ll avoid expenses associated with errors and lower your risk for liability

Our Information Management Solutions Will Help Your Healthcare Business Get the Most Out of Its Data

Simplify your healthcare data management environment by leaving it to PETTIGREW. Our services are affordable and will help your business lower costs, improve compliance, and become more trusted by your patients.

Medical Billing

Effectively obtain payments from insurance companies and other payers

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Medical Call Center

Answer patient queries and provide a personal touch to your services

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Medical Coding

Improve the accuracy of patient data gathering and position your business well for compliance audits

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