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Prevent issues with your chart flow and coding using Pettigrew's medical coding solutions

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Get the Medical Data Management Outcomes You Are Looking For

When it comes to personal and healthcare data, accuracy is everything. Accurate Healthcare Information Management (HIM) ensures that patients get the correct care, healthcare providers make correct diagnoses, and healthcare companies minimize costs and improve collection.

Ensure administrative responsiveness and accountability for important patient medical records with PETTIGREW Healthcare Profitability Solutions’s cost-effective Medical Coding solutions. We’ll proactively optimize your ongoing HIM management and utilization tools and practices. Reach out to us for your hospital inpatient/outpatient/ED/IR coding, remote coding, auditing and compliance, and interim records management needs.

PETTIGREW’s Medical Coding solutions will help your business:
  • Increase accountability with charts and movement tracking for every coding cycle
  • Guarantee encoder transparency using current data on productivity and accuracy
  • Simplify internal audits using post-bill quality assurance processes and truly random sampling of patient encounters
  • Generate robust data on provider performance
  • Streamline data entry with an intuitive user-friendly UI
  • Automatically alert coders to facility-, state-, or insurer-specific guidelines
  • Maintain a consistent coding workflow regardless of which EMR software you use

Our Information Management Solutions Will Help Your Healthcare Business Get the Most Out of Its Data

Simplify your healthcare data management environment by leaving it to PETTIGREW. Our services are affordable and will help your business lower costs, improve compliance, and increase trustworthiness.

Medical Billing

Effectively obtain payments from insurance companies and other payers

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Medical Credentialing

Provide assurance to patients and other stakeholders of the quality of the medical processes you provide

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Medical Call Center

Answer patient queries and provide a personal touch to your services

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