Professional Medical Billing Solutions

Improve your revenue collections and simplify patient payments with PETTIGREW’s medical billing solutions

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Make Claims Creation and Submissions Easier

Insurance claims are complicated and tedious due to their sensitive nature. Healthcare companies need to make sure that they’re collecting the correct amounts from the correct insurance providers, and do so without hurting security and compliance. Many healthcare companies do this manually to ensure maximum oversight, but this practice is prone to error.

Avoid claim errors and other complications by relying on PETTIGREW Healthcare Profitability Solutions’s tried-and-tested medical billing solutions. Our claims creation and submissions system ensures that bills are forwarded to the correct insurance providers, and that they’re collected efficiently. This will help improve your collections metrics and even simplify your patients’ payments experience, allowing them to focus on their recovery.

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions from Pettigrew Medical:
  • Bring Focus and accountability to your AR department by directing attention to high-priority open claims and managing claims across multiple client systems
  • Simplify the enrollment of providers with payers, credentialing of providers with facilities, contract negotiation with payers, and contract management
  • Reduce employee frustration and errors while increasing patient satisfaction
  • Raise the overall efficiency of your facility to free up more resources

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Our Information Management Solutions Will Help Your Healthcare Business Get the Most Out of Its Data

Simplify your healthcare data management environment by leaving it to PETTIGREW. Our services are affordable and will help your business lower costs, improve compliance, and increase trustworthiness.

Medical Coding

Improve the accuracy of patient data gathering and position your business well for compliance audits

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Medical Credentialing

Provide assurance to patients and other stakeholders of the quality of the medical processes you provide

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Medical Call Center

Answer patient queries and provide a personal touch to your services

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