Hospital Systems

Cut through the chaos, reduce risk, and get more done

In a hospital, every second counts, so you’ve probably had your fair share of efficiency-increasing initiatives with mixed results. But to drive significant improvements, specialized expertise is needed to implement the most impactful solutions. PETTIGREW provides the industry-leading, customizable technology solutions and services to optimize your coding and billing processes, and we’ll do it at a price that meets your budget.

Our comprehensive software suite streamlines your collection process and increases accuracy, providing compounding benefits to increase efficiency and reduce waste. PETTIGREW’s solutions will also help minimize coding errors, simplify enrollment, manage claims automatically, and much more. If it’s hospital-wide improvements you need, our Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), auditing, compliance, and leased employee services will help you establish valuable best practices that reduce risk and overhead while increasing accuracy and efficiency across your entire facility.


Your Hospital Will Benefit from PETTIGREW’s Full Suite of Solutions and Services, Including:

  • Medical Coding Services: to ensure administrative responsiveness and accountability of important patient medical records
    • Hospital Inpatient/Outpatient ED/IR
    • Remote Coding Services
    • Auditing and Compliance Services
    • Interim Management Services
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI): to help resolve documentation gaps and build the right groundwork to emphasize clarity in your medical records documentation
  • Audit and Compliance Services: to ensure compliance with government or regulatory entities and uncover existing or potential QA, risk management, revenue integrity, fraud, and abuse issues
    • Short-Term and Long-Term Acute Care
    • Physician's Practice/Office
    • Rehabilitation
    • Specialty Services
  • Payer Connect: to simplify the enrollment of providers with payers, credentialing of providers with facilities, contract negotiation with payers, and contract management payerconnect-solutions