Meet the new Credentialing Manager of PETTIGREW, Jennifer Deer

We are proud to announce the promotion of Jennifer Deer. She started with Pettigrew Medical in November 2019 as a Credentialing Coordinator and was promoted to Credentialing Manager this month. As the Credentialing Manager, Jennifer works directly with clients to assist them with applications and participation with third party insurance carriers while overseeing all credentialing on our team.

Meet the new CEO of PETTIGREW, Emily M. Osetek

PETTIGREW is delighted to announce that Emily M. Osetek is now the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Emily has over 30 years of Revenue Cycle Management expertise and is an industry leader in this field. She began her healthcare career working in the private hospital setting and learned all phases of Part A and B billing.

Service Animal’s in the Medical Industry

Animal assisted therapy is gaining popularity in health care and beyond to help people recover or cope with health problems including cancer, heart disease and mental health disorders. The Mayo Clinic has a Caring Canines program where they conducted a study and found that patients were in a more positive emotional-physiologic state as a result of animal-assisted activity sessions.

Psychological Effects Related to COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lives of people around the world in unprecedented ways which caused uncertainty, a change in daily routines, stress about finances and alienation with social isolation. The concern about their health, the duration of the pandemic and job stability has created a mental impact in our society.