GOCODE is a coding software that interfaces with your EMR. It was designed to automatically alert you to potential chart flow and coding issues, allowing for proactive, rather than reactive, management of your coding processes.

GOCODE will help you by:

  • Increasing accountability by tracking the movement of each chart through the coding cycle.

  • Ensuring transparency of coder performance by generating current data on productivity and accuracy.

  • Simplifying internal audits, with systems that ensure a truly random sample of patient encounters for auditing and no corrected claims from a post-bill quality assurance process.

  • Providing robust data on provider performance, allowing for ongoing education for providers who may be struggling with issues that negatively impact the coding cycle and revenue.

  • Streamlining data entry, with no wasted keystrokes or having to move between multiple windows to complete a task.

  • Alerting coders to facility, state, or insurer-specific guidelines that may impact their coding decisions.

  • Maintaining the same coding workflow regardless of the EMR.

  • Organizing and prioritizing charts for coding review.